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I have got necessary knowledge about Iranian Carpet Art and was fond of the carpets patterns; until 1965 when I visited Mahan, Kerman that was a center of making carpets in the region and saw the way weavers worked, I realize that we should not consider the carpet merely as a entirely commercial product rather we should believe that It has influence every affect in our life. Then came back to Tehran in 1970 and start working in carpet market. At the same early years which I had a honor of cooperating with Yaghoobi brothers and more than ever, I got increasingly more familiar with production, export and marginal operations and I gain more experience in that field and continued exporting carpets to American and European countries until the time when, in cooperation with some of other skillful friends, I launch my own website To introduce Persian carpets to the whole world. In this way, I managed to get familiar with the merchants of this valuable art and pay my debt to the Persian carpets.
Hope your cooperation.

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    Carpet Export Union of Iran.
    Carpet merchants Union of Tehran

With Our best regards,
We congratulate you for choosing us as your counselor in Carpet Arts. In deed we know our duty to ensure you which you can use our experiences in many years at carpet industry as a best counselor in all affairs that related to this valuable Iranian art.
You can consult with us before you buy any kind of carpets. Even in the other affairs which are related to carpet and side services such as keeping methods, washing, darning, dyeing and even ordering weaving and etc.
Because our goal is getting your satisfaction and it would not be prepared unless we can do our best for your offers with all of our willingness.
Our attempts is basis on this principle which we should introduce this main Iranian art by help of efficient artists of our country to the world.
Our opinion is this little service is very invaluable in return of those great skillful activities of our carpet weavers which made the world’s art men surprised. Because of this we know ourselves their debtor.
Again we remind that making such spectacular arts is only created by thousands of men and women , guys and girls, old and youth , citizen or villagers and we should pretense our faith to them bye using and going to meet these artists which caused the name of Iran and Iranian being famous in the world.